Open Blinds Lyrics By DROELOE

Open Blinds Lyrics

My alarm starts ringing
I promised myself
To wake up, start living (But you can all go to hell)
I can’t believe I am losing my time by hating myself
Because I am not spending it right.

I am done with the voices
Don’t care about fear
And try to remind myself
I am still here
I miss the excitement from when I was young
But every day is a new one
My life just begun.

My life just begun (x7)

Da da, da da, da da da, da da, da da
Da da, da da, da da da.

My alarm starts ringing
Try and listen today
And wake up, start living
No pushing away
Do not know what to say to wake up from the room
But I will take control over what I will
Choose to live my strong intention
I’ll try to host my intervention
Choose to live my strong intention
I will try
I’ll try again, try again, try again
Try again, try again.

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