Phir Milenge Lyrics in English (Translation) – Coke Studio


Phir Milenge Lyrics in English (Translation) – Coke Studio, from the album “Coke Studio Season 14“, latest hindi song 2022, music has been given by Xulfi, and phir milenge song lyrics are penned by faisal kapadia, young stunners.

Phir Milenge Lyrics in English – Coke Studio


Song: Phir Milenge
Singer: Faisal Kapadia & Young Stunners
Album: Coke Studio Season 14
Music: Xulfi
Lyrics: Faisal Kapadia, Young Stunners
Label: Coke Studio

Phir Milenge Lyrics in English (Translation) – Coke Studio

In my heart, in a corner is marked
The memory of you
Which I have kept preserved

You too haven’t forgotten me
Holding onto this make belive
I have made my peace

You were, in my heart, deeply entrenched
How can we then, as two strangers, meet in the present
It washes over you, while your memory gushes through me
As I forever live by the overflowing sea

Counted on the hopes I bore
And endured the misery brought on by the one I adore
This world so wanted me to slip
To soak and bask inits grip

Met with greatsorrows, O if you’d ever meet me too
In my heart, you don’t live in fact you are my heart, my love

Yet again, your absence left me alone
The wait for you goes on and on
Long is the period of grief
While the story of our love is brief

Give it some thought
Give my art the worth it ought
Those who are meant to leave will leave
This destiny is beyond the control of you and me

Like sunlight in the shade
Like in my body, the soul that’s engraved
the thought of you repeatedly crosses my mind
Like the constant flow of blood in the veins

Now these empty spaces are consuming me again and again
Without you, home isn’t home
Felt this once I was left all alone

The gap you left was never filled
Today, this heart feels a avid still
With changing seasons, this heart also bore the autumn gloom
But spring never again arrived, my time and heart never again saw a bloom

Only had faith in you
Never trusted the rest of the world, whatever it may do
The one who saw the person in me was you
The rest would only see my art and what I’d do

There’s you, there’s me
And there’s the deafening silence in between
We both didn’t try to hear what it would say and mean

Since you left, I’ve shut off my heart in vain
Now in your heart, gone is the time when I reigned

There’s you, there’s me
And there’s only distance in between
All connections are cut but for you I keep waiting

Like complete strangers, we’ll meet again
This hope has left the light remain

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