Afuera Que Tengan Miedo Lyrics In English Translation - Gera MX


Afuera Que Tengan Miedo Lyrics In English Translation - Gera MX

Without fear of anything my heart for anyone
The chest beating slowly I run out of air
The room is alone, but I'm seeing someone
A skinny girl who invites me says that to the last dance

I said fall, you pretend you don't see me
We barely hit 3 and today we are no longer poor
Renco sent a message: 3 million this month
I scaled the fucking building with no safety or harness

Life lasts us less, all looking for a way out
Goodbyes are already more frequent

More photos at the altar, more friends to cry
They say life is a bitch and I won't let her bark

Mark me, you know I'm gonna jump
I'm blessed with singing, no more raiding
Nor maneuvering in a curve with speed
I call my whole life what you call rap
Bombo and clap is my temple, mommy, it gives me everything

That's why it's better to calm down, don't get too far here
That if you feel evil vibrate, Gustavo takes out an aka
They know that the stutterer does not know how to stop talking

Outside that they are afraid, they say that I was stunned

I haven't gotten off the plane, turn it on because I'm elevated
With salim in the gwan I'm fresh in dontown
We hit you against the wall like a fronton game

Whiskey or rum, serve it blond, yes, don periñon
It filled with white smoke inside the room
Yesterday I had dinner relaxed, I went out to burn paper
From Medellín Isabel, that's mine, not that one's
I took honey, without paying attention I threw it to the sky
His movie doesn't scare me, like when I saw Annabel
Full flight, nobody bothers today
I brought you a finger and a sex toy for your girlfriends
Erre uve is today and tomorrow love
If we grew up in the north we don't mind the heat

I have phrases in my notes for you to feel pain
And a few others in my mind to take care of my honor

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