Casa de Chapa Lyrics English Translation - Tiago PZK


Casa de Chapa Lyrics English Translation - Tiago PZK

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Tin house when I had nothing

Work to’a the night to ‘ get my mom out of the neighborhood

Now I fill ‘stadium’, is God of my la’o

Salary of an entrepreneur, the Gotti quote’o

I’ve been getting into it since I was thirteen’

Now we sleep little, but we keep dreaming

I compete with none, legend, I am not a myth

Riquelme in Don Torcuato, the Diego in the Fiorito

And now they say no (No, no)

Now they say no, I don’t deserve it but I know I do

For to’ what I went through, for to’ what I suffered, with these eyes I saw

I bought my car, my clothes, my house, I promised myself

Thank you, old lady, for trusting me

Oh-oh-oh-oh, haters on my way

I don’t give a shit, I don’t—, I don’t give a shit

Oh-oh-oh-oh, I don’t give a shit (I don’t give a sh-, I don’t—)

I-I-I don’t give a shit

When I was a kid I wanted to be a daddy

Now the guachine’ want to be Gotti

Living a movie, flying to Miami

I take out the podere’ and I’m’ doing story

Now they call me the Illuminati

I don’t attend because I can only make money, oh

Story lighting a bow

I want to dream, but (But, but)

‘I’m too awake, I can’t sleep to be the first

Before the account at zero, now seven zero’, the banker is calling

I take my girl in the TT to the studio, then I go out to get my money

My grandfathers’ cried when they saw me in the Lolla with leather jacket, oh-oh

Haters on my way, I got ’em all over the world, oh

I live the way I want (Sike!)

I do what I want

So I don’t give a shit (No, no)


Tin house when I had nothing

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