Boldest web series released on ullu app in September 2022

The demand for the ullu web series has increased significantly in the last many months. People like to watch web series on the ullu app. Because of this reason, the ullu app releases two web series every week for its subscribers. All the web series of Ullu are full of bold and hot scenes. This month also ullu app has released numerous web series. In the list below, we've given the top web series of ullu for September. You can watch all these web series by subscribing to the ulluapp.However, you can download any ullu app web series and watch offline, If you're an ullu app subscriber.
Boldest web series released on ullu app in September 2022

1. Charmsukh Tapan

Tapan Part 2 ullu web series watch online 2022

Tapan is the rearmost web series of the Ullu app. This is the story of Riya, who isn't keeping her sexual desire under control. She uses her hand to fulfill her sexual appetite. One day her family comes to his house with her hubby. Seeing her family- in- law Vaibhav, Riya starts featuring of having a sexual relationship with him. Indeed after numerous passes, Riya isn't attracting Vaibhav to her side.

One day Vaibhav tells Riya that he does n’t like her, but he wants her friend Payal. To know what will be next, watch Ullu’s rearmost web series, “ Tapan. ”

2. Shahad

Shahad Part 2 cast

Shahad is Priya gamre’s rearmost web series. This is the story of Sharad, who's veritably fond of having intercourse but doesn't have a gal. Sharad’s family Raghu is recently married, and his woman
Roopa comes to his house. Sharad falls in love with his family- in- law Roopa and dreams of fulfilling his desire with her.
Raghu isn't suitable to satisfy Roopa fully. Roopa’s sexual desire isn't fulfilled, and because of this, she gets into an affair with Sharad.

3. Samne Wali Khidki

Samne Wali Khidki part 2 watch online

This is the story of Ashish and Neha. Both are happy in their wedded life. One day Ashish knows that Neha is having an affair with her master. Neha bifurcation with Ashish. Ashish starts living alone in his house.

One day, a girl named Anita comes to stay in the contrary structure Ashish. Anita and Ashish start liking each other, and they fall in love. To know the whole story, watch samne wali khidki. This web series starrer Famous ullu actress ruks khandagale and Aayushi Jaiswal.

4. Siskiyan Season 2

Siskiyaan Season 2 Part 2 palang tod watch online 2022

This is the story of Renu and her father- in- law. Renu fulfills her sexual desire with her father- in- law. One day a nanny named mary comes to their house. After the appearance of Mary, Renu’s father- in- law ignores Renu. Mary and Renu’s father- in- law get into a physical relationship. Will Renu tolerate this? To know, watch siskiyan season 2. Siskiyan starrer Famous web series actress Noor Malabika and Hiral Radaddiya.

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