Noor Malabika Web Series Watch 2022

Noor Malabika is a famous actress in OTT Apps. Malabika has worked with many ott apps like ullu, big m zoo, and neufliks. Noor is the rising star of the OTT platforms. In the list below, you have been given the famous web series of noor malabika. You can watch these web series on their respective platforms.
Noor Malabika Web Series Watch 2022

1. Palang Tod Siskiyaan (Ullu)

Palang Tod Siskiyaan (Ullu)

This is the story of Renu, who's a housewife. Renu lives with her hubby and father- in- law. Renu’s father- in- law is paralyzed, because of which he can not get up from Bed. Renu takes care of her father- in- law. Renu’s hubby can not satisfy her altogether, due to which Renu’s desire remains deficient.

One day Renu’s hubby goes out of city for a many days for office work. Renu takes advantage of this occasion, she gets intercourse with her father- in- law. Renu gets a chance to fulfill her sexual desire for the first time. To know the whole story, watch the Siskiyaan web series. In this web series, Noor played the part of Renu.

2. Charmsukh Tapan( Ullu)

Tapan charmsukh ullu web series watch online 2022
This is the story of Riya, who has a crush on her family- in- law. One day Riya’s family Rashmi and her hubby Vaibhav come to Riya’s house. Riya is veritably happy to see her family- in- law Vaibhav and starts featuring of fulfilling her physical desire with him.

Riya tries her stylish but doesn't move Vaibhav to have intercourse with her. Vaibhav tells Riya that he has no interest in Riya but wants to spend a night with her friend Payal. Riya agrees to this, but she insists that she'll also stay in the bedroom with both of them. Watch the Tapan web series to know what will be next.

3. Saali Aadhi Gharwali( Big M Zoo)

Saali Aadhi Gharwali Big M Zoo watch online
Saali Aadhi Gharwali

This is the story of a girl who doesn't get sexual satisfaction. One day her wedded family calls her and invites her to come to stay at her house for a many days. Hearing this, she finds a way to fulfill her sexual desire.
That girl goes to her family’s house. After a many days, she attracts her family- in- law to her side, but he neglects her. Her family sees this action of the girl. Watch the Saali Aadhi Gharwali web series to know what will be next.

4. I Am Sorry schoolteacher( Big M Zoo)

I Am Sorry schoolteacher Big M Zoo
I Am Sorry schoolteacher Big M Zoo

This is the story of a education schoolteacher whose name is Maya. Maya goes to give education to a boy at home. That boy starts liking Maya Mrs. and wants to get into a relationship with her. Maya comes to know about this. After that day, she does n’t go to his house for education. Watch the I Am Sorry schoolteacher web series to know what will be next.

5. Mafia 2( Nuefliks)

Mafia 2 Nuefliks Web Series watch online
Mafia 2 Nuefliks

Mafia 2 is the story of a lady slip who's the biggest gangbanger in the megacity. What happens in the life of that lady slip has been shown in this web series. Noor Malabika has played the part of Lady Done in this web series.

6. Palang Tod Siskiyaan Season 2( Ullu)

Siskiyaan Season 2 Part 2 palang tod watch online 2022
Siskiyaan Season 2

As shown in the last season, Renu and her father- in- law get into a relationship for their physical requirements. This season a nanny comes to Renu’s house, which is beautiful and attractive. The name of this nanny is Mary. Mary comes to take care of Renu’s father- in- law. Seeing Mary, the father- in- law falls in love with her. Renu doesn't tolerate this thing. Renu tries to get Mary to get out of the house.
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