Gul Lyrics In English Translation – Anuv Jain

 Gul Lyrics In English Translation: is the latest Hindi song sung by Anuv Jain with music given by Angad Singh Bahra while Gul song lyrics are also penned down by Anuv Jain. The video is directed by Arsh Grewal.

Gul Lyrics In English Translation – Anuv Jain

Song: Gul 
Singer(s): Anuv Jain 
Musician(s): Anuv Jain 
Lyricist(s): Anuv Jain 
Label(©): Anuv Jain

Gul Lyrics In English Translation – Anuv Jain

Na dastakein ye tere dil ki
Haan wahi dhadkane hai

It's not a knock at the door,
It's your heart's, Yes it's those beats only.

Yun jor se jo
Tujhko ab sun rahin hai
Sun le zara ye
Tujhse kya keh rahin hai

Just like that, You're listening to it beating loud and fast now,
Listen to what it's trying to tell you.

Aaye nahi
Jinke the waadein
Waqt uljha hua hai
Tere yahan pe
Kya woh kal the yahan
Ya hafton pehle
Ki yeh hai dastaan

They didn't 
Who's were the promises
Time is confused, In your place
Were they here yesterday?
Or is this a story of a few weeks ago?

Aaye na teri yaad unko
Aaye na teri yaad unko

Your memory doesn't strike them anymore. (2)

Toote makaan
Ik baar girkar
Waise bante kahan hain
Jaise the tune
Apne dil se banaye
Woh karigar yun
Hathon se the sajaye

Broken houses
After falling once, can the same be made again?
Like you made it with your heart
These artisans were decorated with hands

Aaye na teri yaad unko
Aaye na teri yaad unko

Your memory doesn't strike them anymore. (2)

Kitabon ke ghar
Duniya hai teri
Inn dhool bhare
Panno mein
Tu kya dhoondti

House of books
The world is yours
In these dusty pages
What are you looking for?

Aur kya ho gaya jo tujhe
Is dafa na mili pyari si
Pariyon ki woh kahani

And what happened to you
This time that you didn't get that lovely.
Fairy tale?

Aur tum yun
Pareshan ho kyun
Hai jadugari aaj bhi
Tere dil mein hai baaki

And why are you upset?
The magic is still there, left inside you
Left in your heart

Aur inn kagazon mein kahin
Ek gul hai jo aise tera
Intezaar kar raha hai
Ye gul hai teri woh hansi

And somewhere in these papers
There is a flower that is waiting for you like this,
This flower is yours, that smile

Kahan kho gayi
Ye bata khilegi kabhi

Where did it get lost?
Tell me this
When will it ever bloom?

Aayega ik din
Jab unki raatein
Yun na mehfooz hongi

One day will come
When their nights will not be secure

Tere tere bin
Aise tu dekh lena
Teri kami tab
Unko mehsoos hogi

You, without you just like this
You see, your lack then they will feel

Mujhe mujhe hai pata ye

I know I know it...

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