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Top 10 Best Song Johnny Cash you Must Listen to

Johnny cash’s best song is “i walk the line” or “folsom prison blues.” His raw and emotional vocals are what set him apart from other musicians.

Johnny cash revolutionized country music with his unique sound, blending country, rock, and blues to create something new and exciting. He wrote and performed some of the most iconic and influential songs in music history, such as “ring of fire” and “man in black.

” Cash’s music spoke to the working class, the forgotten, and the downtrodden, earning him the nickname “the man in black. ” His raw, emotional vocals and honest lyrics resonated with audiences, making him one of the most beloved and respected musicians of all time. In this article, we will explore the impact and legacy of johnny cash and discuss some of his best songs.

Top 10 Best Song Johnny Cash you Must Listen to


Top 10 Best Song Johnny Cash You Must Listen To

Johnny cash, known as the “man in black”, is a legendary figure in the music industry. His distinctive baritone voice coupled with his rebellious spirit made him a favorite among country music fans worldwide. Johnny cash’s legacy as a singer, songwriter, and performer continues to influence generations of music lovers, and choosing his top ten best songs is no easy feat.

Here are the top 10 best songs by johnny cash that every music aficionado should listen to:

No. 10: “Orange Blossom Special”

  • Released in 1965, “orange blossom special” is a rousing tribute to the famed train of the same name.
  • The upbeat tempo and cash’s distinctive voice make it a must-listen.
  • Cash’s interpretation of this classic folk tune is a testament to his ability to infuse his unique personality into every track he recorded.

No. 9: “The Man Comes Around”

  • Released in 2002, “the man comes around” is the title track of cash’s last album released before his death.
  • The song’s haunting melody is complemented by cash’s brooding vocals.
  • Its lyrics contain imagery and references from the bible’s book of revelation, reflecting cash’s deep spirituality.

No. 8: “I Walk The Line”

  • Released in 1956, “i walk the line” was a massive hit for johnny cash, topping the charts both in country and pop music.
  • Its catchy melody and lyrics about fidelity and devotion have made it one of the most recognizable songs in music history.
  • Cash’s confident delivery and the song’s minimal production make it a classic that still resonates with audiences today.

No. 7: “Cry, Cry, Cry”

  • Released in 1955, “cry, cry, cry” was one of johnny cash’s earliest hits, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the world of country music.
  • Its catchy energy and upbeat melody are infectious, and the lyrics are a cheeky nod to the ups-and-downs of romantic relationships.
  • Cash’s delivery is full of energy and mischief, making it impossible not to tap your foot along while listening.

No. 6: “Ring Of Fire”

  • Released in 1963, “ring of fire” was co-written by june carter, who would later become cash’s wife.
  • Its snappy melody and fiery lyrics make it an instant crowd-pleaser, and the mariachi horns infusion adds an extra layer of excitement.
  • Cash’s interpretation of the song speaks to his undeniable charisma and ability to make every word sound like it came straight from his heart.

No. 5: “Folsom Prison Blues”

  • Released in 1955, “folsom prison blues” is a song about life behind bars, and cash’s somber delivery adds depth and emotion to its lyrics.
  • Its haunting melody and simple production perfectly encapsulate the bleakness of prison life.
  • Cash’s ability to relate to people from all walks of life is evident in this classic track, and his empathy and compassion for those who live in difficult circumstances is truly inspiring.

No. 4: “A Boy Named Sue”

  • Released in 1969, “a boy named sue” was a humorous country-western song that became one of cash’s biggest hits.
  • Its catchy melody and funny lyrics about a man named sue, left by his father as a child, searching for him to get revenge have made it a fan favorite for decades.
  • Cash’s delivery is full of humor and wit, and his ability to connect with his audience through laughter is what sets him apart as a performer.

No. 3: “Hurt”

  • Released in 2002, “hurt” is a cover of nine inch nails’ iconic song.
  • Cash’s poignant delivery adds depth and emotion to the already powerful lyrics, and the minimalistic production makes it a haunting and memorable track.
  • The song’s accompanying music video, released just months before cash’s death, adds another layer of poignancy, making it a fitting swan song for a legendary artist.

No. 2: “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  • Released in 1970, “sunday morning coming down” was written by kris kristofferson and recorded by johnny cash.
  • Its melancholic lyrics and cash’s mournful delivery capture the feelings of alienation and loneliness that many people feel on a sunday morning.
  • The song’s timeless themes and relatable lyrics continue to make it a favorite among music fans of all ages.

No. 1: “Ghost Riders In The Sky”

  • Released in 1979, “ghost riders in the sky” is a cover of a classic cowboy song, with cash’s baritone voice giving it a distinctive edge.
  • The song’s spooky lyrics and haunting melody make it an unforgettable track, and cash’s soulful delivery adds depth and emotion.
  • “ghost riders in the sky” is a timeless classic that highlights cash’s ability to make any song his own, and it continues to inspire country music fans all around the world.

Johnny cash’s diverse range of songs, from humorous and catchy to somber and introspective, make him a legendary figure in the music industry. His influence on country music and beyond is immeasurable, and his legacy continues to inspire generations of artists and music fans.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Best Song Johnny Cash

What Is Johnny Cash’S Most Iconic Song?

Johnny cash’s iconic song is “folsom prison blues” that portrays the life of the inmates through cash’s powerful vocals and lyrics. The song became an instant hit and came out as the third number one country hit.

What Was Johnny Cash’S Last Hit Song?

“hurt” is johnny cash’s last hit song that he recorded before his death. The song was a cover of nine inch
nail’s original and became cash’s biggest commercial success, winning a grammy award for best short form video.

Did Johnny Cash Write All Of His Songs?

Johnny cash did not write all of his songs. He wrote some of his iconic songs, such as “folsom prison blues,”
“walk the line,” and “get rhythm.” However, he also covered songs by other artists, such as “hurt” by nine inch nails.

What Genre Of Music Did Johnny Cash Perform?

Johnny cash’s music career spanned over 50 years, primarily in country, rock, and rockabilly genres. He was admired for his deep, baritone voice, storytelling, and rebellious lyrics that connected with listeners from all backgrounds and age groups.

How Many Songs Did Johnny Cash Record In His Lifetime?

Johnny cash recorded over 1500 songs in his lifetime, including studio albums, live recordings, and singles. He holds the record for the most career entries on the country singles chart, with a whopping 160 hits.


As we conclude our search for the best song of johnny cash, it is clear that his legacy goes beyond his decades-long career and hits. His music made an impact on the world and continues to resonate with people today.

From his powerful storytelling to his raw emotions, johnny cash left an indelible mark on music history. Being one of the most influential voices, his songs are timeless and penetrate deep within the listener’s soul. His unique blend of country, folk and rock have made him one of the greatest musicians of all time.

So, whether you are a die-hard fan or just someone looking to experience his music for the first time, the songs of johnny cash will never cease to mesmerize and entertain you.

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