Discover the Ultimate Top 10 Best Songs of Gorillaz - Song, WebSeries & Movies

Discover the Ultimate Top 10 Best Songs of Gorillaz

The best song of gorillaz is “feel good inc.” this hit single from their second studio album, demon days, features the signature blend of alternative and electronic beats that have become synonymous with the band. Consisting of virtual characters created by damon albarn and jamie hewlett, gorillaz has been a pioneering force in the music industry since their debut in 2001.

Their unique sound and provocative lyrics have garnered them a massive following, and they continue to push the boundaries of artistic expression in their latest releases. In this article, we will explore the impact of gorillaz on the music scene and delve into their discography to discover what makes them one of the most innovative and iconic bands of our time.

Discover the Ultimate Top 10 Best Songs of Gorillaz


What Makes A Gorillaz Song Great?

Gorillaz is an english virtual band formed in 1998 by musician damon albarn and artist jamie hewlett. Since then, gorillaz has become known for their experimental sound, unique style, and unconventional approach to music-making. In this blog post, we will explore what makes a gorillaz song great and examine the key elements that have contributed to their popularity.

Key Elements That Make Gorillaz’S Music Unique And Popular

Gorillaz’s sound is a unique blend of genres as they experiment with different musical styles such as alternative rock, hip-hop, and electronic. They blend their sound with other artists to create something unique. Additionally, here are the essential key elements that make up gorillaz’s music:

  • Collaborations with other artists: Gorillaz has collaborated with various artists throughout their career, including de la soul, snoop dogg, and del the funky homosapien. These collaborations have contributed to their unique sound and have brought fresh perspectives to their music.
  • Storytelling: Gorillaz’s music tells a story, like a narrative. In “demon days,” the songs revolve around a fictional location and characters – creating a cohesive and engaging listening experience.
  • Criticism of modern society: Gorillaz’s music’s lyricism often critiques modern-day society and the issues that come with it. It makes for engaging content that is relevant to their listeners.
  • Creative visuals: Gorillaz has a unique and engaging visual identity, entirely animated. Fans identify with these characters, which are a physical embodiment of the music and musicians themselves.

Examples Of Gorillaz’S Unique Sound And Style

Gorillaz has produced ten albums and hundreds of songs. Some of their essential and most iconic tracks are:

  • Clint eastwood: One of their most famous songs, blending hip-hop and alternative rock.
  • Feel good inc.: An uptempo mixture of rock, hip-hop, and electronic music. Here, gorillaz critiques a world obsessed with amusement parks and consumerism.
  • Stylo: Featuring mos def and bruno mars, this track mixes psychedelic rock and dub, bringing out the best in both.

The Relevance Of These Elements To The Top 10 Songs

The key elements that make up gorillaz’s music are evident in the top 10 songs. For example, the songs take listeners on a journey, critique society, have impressive visuals, and involve collaborations with popular artists. These elements make the tracks engaging and enjoyable to listen to.

Gorillaz’s music is unique and popular for various reasons. The band’s experimental approach to music has resulted in an exciting and ever-evolving sound that continues to captivate fans worldwide. The storytelling and critique of society through their music is refreshing, and the creative visuals are breathtaking.

Gorillaz is sure to continue producing innovative music, and you can bet that their fans will be eagerly awaiting their next release.

The Ultimate Top 10 Best Songs Of Gorillaz

Gorillaz is undeniably one of the most unique and groundbreaking bands in the world of music. Founded by the famously enigmatic damon albarn and the talented illustrator jamie hewlett, gorillaz has captured the hearts and minds of millions of fans around the world.

From their debut self-titled album to their latest release, song machine, gorillaz has consistently produced top-notch music. However, we have compiled a list of the ultimate top 10 best songs of gorillaz.

Ranking Of The Top 10 Songs

  • Clint eastwood: This song helped put gorillaz on the map and is considered a classic in the music world.
  • Feel good inc: Another gorillaz classic that boasts an infectious beat and unforgettable lyrics.
  • Stylo: A powerful and striking track that will leave listeners in awe.
  • On melancholy hill: This reflective ballad features captivating instrumental arrangements and heartfelt lyrics.
  • Dare: A funky and upbeat song that showcases gorillaz’s versatility and creativity.
  • Saturnz barz: A stunning collaboration with popcaan that features a unique blend of dancehall beats and electronic sounds.
  • Rhinestone eyes: An emotionally charged track that showcases albarn’s vocal range and hewlett’s artistic genius.
  • 19-2000: A fun and playful tune that is perfect for any dance party or karaoke night.
  • Empire ants: A haunting and introspective track that features the soaring vocals of little dragon.
  • Andromeda: A dreamy and atmospheric track that transports listeners to another world.

Explanation Of Why Each Song Is Important And Unique

  • Clint eastwood: This song represents the birth of gorillaz and is responsible for introducing the world to their unique sound and style.
  • Feel good inc: This song is a perfect example of gorillaz’s ability to blend multiple genres into a cohesive and catchy track.
  • Stylo: Both the song and its accompanying music video are visually stunning and showcase gorillaz’s creativity and artistic talents.
  • On melancholy hill: This song is a beautiful and introspective ballad that showcases albarn’s songwriting abilities and the band’s instrumental prowess.
  • Dare: With its electrifying beats and funky grooves, dare is a song that will get anyone on their feet and moving.
  • Saturnz barz: This song features a unique blend of sounds that are both hypnotic and energizing, making it one of the standout tracks on “humanz”.
  • Rhinestone eyes: This song is a true masterpiece and features beautiful instrumentation and poetic lyrics that are sure to leave listeners in awe.
  • 19-2000: This fun and playful song is one of gorillaz’s most recognizable tracks and is loved by fans all around the world.
  • Empire ants: This track is an emotional and haunting masterpiece that features beautiful vocal performances and stunning instrumentation.
  • Andromeda: This dreamy and atmospheric track is a perfect example of gorillaz’s ability to create music that is both ethereal and grounded in reality.

Analysis Of The Musical And Lyrical Content Of Each Song

  • Clint eastwood: The song features a memorable chorus and catchy instrumentals that blend hip-hop and rock influences. Albarn’s laid-back vocals perfectly complement the song’s relaxed vibe.
  • Feel good inc: The song features a driving bassline, catchy hooks, and playful lyrics, all of which have become synonymous with gorillaz’s trademark sound.
  • Stylo: The song features a funky and intense beat, pulsing synths and soaring guitar riffs. Bobby womack’s soulful vocals perfectly complement the song’s cinematic sound.
  • On melancholy hill: The song features a dreamy and nostalgic sound that is both poignant and moving. Albarn’s evocative lyrics are perfectly matched by the song’s lush and intricate instrumentation.
  • Dare: The song features an upbeat and fun sound that blends disco and punk influences. The catchy chorus and high-tempo beat make this a dancefloor classic.
  • Saturnz barz: The song features a unique blend of caribbean-inspired beats and experimental electronics, creating a sound that is equal parts hypnotic and energizing.
  • Rhinestone eyes: The song features beautiful instrumentation and poetic lyrics that are both haunting and uplifting. The song’s sweeping orchestrals perfectly complement the poignant lyrics.
  • 19-2000: The song features a playful sound that is perfect for dancing and singing along. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus make it a fan favorite.
  • Empire ants: The song features a slow and haunting sound that gradually builds to a powerful and emotional climax. Little dragon’s vocals add an ethereal quality to the track.
  • Andromeda: The song features a dreamy and atmospheric sound that is both mesmerizing and otherworldly. The song’s lush synths and albarn’s echoed vocals create a sound that is truly unique.

10. Song Title

Gorillaz is a virtual band created by damon albarn and jamie hewlett. Their music is a blend of different genres, including rock, hip hop, and electronic. Among their many hits, the song “song title” stands out as a fan favorite.

Let’s dive deeper into this track and explore its musical and lyrical components.

Brief Overview Of The Song

“song title” is a catchy and upbeat track that showcases the unique sound of gorillaz. Featuring a blend of electronic and hip hop beats, the song is a perfect representation of the band’s signature style. The track is known for its infectious melody, captivating vocals, and memorable chorus.

Analysis Of The Song’S Musical Components

  • The song begins with a catchy electronic melody that sets the mood for the track
  • The hip hop beats kick in, adding a layer of rhythmic complexity to the song
  • The vocals provided by the lead singer are smooth and melodic, perfectly complementing the instrumentals
  • As the song progresses, additional layers of electronic sounds are added, making for an interesting sonic experience
  • The chorus of the song is the standout feature, with its memorable melody and infectious rhythm

Significance Of The Song’S Lyrics

The lyrics of “song title” are introspective and thought-provoking. The song touches on themes of identity, mortality, and the human experience. The refrain “we got the power to be loving each other no matter what happens” is an uplifting message of unity in spite of the difficulties in life.

The bridge of the song is an introspective moment, with the singer contemplating their place in the world.

  • The lyrics showcase the band’s ability to tackle complex themes in a way that is relatable
  • The uplifting message of unity makes the song a great anthem for difficult times
  • The introspective moments in the bridge show the depth of the band’s songwriting abilities

Overall, “song title” is a standout track in the gorillaz discography. Its blend of electronic and hip hop sounds, paired with introspective lyrics, make for a memorable listening experience. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the band’s music, “song title” is a must-listen.

9. Song Title

Gorillaz is an alternative rock band that has gained worldwide recognition for their unique, genre-fusing music. Their distinctive sound, combined with their innovative music videos and illustrious stage presence, has earned them a massive following since the late 1990s. We explore the ninth track on their second studio album, demon days, titled “song title” and examine its various elements to see why it’s considered one of the best songs from the band’s illustrious discography.

Brief Overview Of The Song

“song title” begins with a haunting, disorienting melody that sets the tone for the atmospheric piece. As the song progresses, it gains momentum, with the drums and electric guitar coming in to create an intense, upbeat rhythm. The track features a vocal collaboration between two of the music industry’s most enigmatic figures: the legendary lou reed and gorillaz’s own frontman, damon albarn.

Analysis Of The Song’S Musical Components

The song is a perfect example of gorillaz’s unique, genre-blending style, with elements of post-punk, hip-hop, and electronic music all present in the piece. The hypnotic and eerie melody in the beginning, combined with the powerful and rhythmic percussion and electrifying guitar, creates a contrast that adds to the song’s overall appeal.

The standout feature of this track, however, is the collaboration between lou reed and damon albarn, with their vocal performances blending seamlessly to create a spine-tingling experience.

Significance Of The Song’S Lyrics

The lyrics of “song title” are both cryptic and thought-provoking. The song appears to be a commentary on society’s mental state in the face of societal and political struggles. With lines like “the ghosts are creepin’ up behind me like i’m insane,” and “there ain’t nothin’ you can do to me that ain’t already been done,” the lyrics speak to a sense of helplessness and isolation that many people experience.

The chorus, which simply repeats the phrase “all my dreams are broken,” adds to this feeling of despair and resignation.

“song title” is one of gorillaz’s most captivating and emotional pieces. Its unique mix of different musical genres, combined with the poignant lyrics and an iconic vocal collaboration, makes it a standout track on the album. The song’s haunting melody, electrifying rhythm, and thought-provoking lyrics make it an excellent representation of what the band stands for and why they have become such a significant presence in the world of music.

8. Song Title

Brief Overview Of The Song

This song is a fan favorite from the famous virtual band gorillaz. Released in 2005, this track is a perfect example of the band’s unique genre-blending style. The song features an upbeat tempo, eclectic instrumentation and brilliant lyrics, making it a standout from the group’s discography.

Analysis Of The Song’S Musical Components

The song’s composition is a perfect blend of multiple genres like alternative rock, hip hop and electronic. The distinct sound of the bass guitar and the lively drum beats, coupled with the synths, creates a unique mix of musical elements.

The guitar riff that enters halfway through the track takes the song to a whole new level, complementing the rest of the music perfectly.

Significance Of The Song’S Lyrics

The lyrics of this track tell a unique tale of a person who has made a lot of mistakes in their life, and is now trying to make amends for those mistakes. The lines “i’m a scary gargoyle on a tower that you made with plastic power your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away” perfectly captures the feeling of being trapped in a manufactured, artificial world.

The chorus is where the song truly shines, with the words “all alone, all alone. . . no one’s gonna save me now” striking a chord with the listener, evoking feelings of loneliness and isolation.

This song is a perfect example of gorillaz’s impeccable music style and lyrics. The unique mashup of genres and instruments coupled with brilliant songwriting make this song an absolute standout from their discography. It’s no wonder that this track is still loved by gorillaz fans worldwide even after all these years.

7. Song Title

Gorillaz has been dominating the music scene with their eclectic mix of electronic, rock, and hip-hop genres. One of their best hits that capture the band’s unique sound is the song title. Here’s an overview of what makes song title a must-listen track, from its musical components to its lyrical significance.

Brief Overview Of The Song

  • Song title features a unique blend of electronic and melodic instrumentals mixed with upbeat drums and bass.
  • The song is notable for damon albarn’s smooth vocals with ghostly backing vocals from miho hatori, giving off a haunting yet catchy feel.
  • Its unique sound makes it a staple in the gorillaz catalog and a fan favorite that will keep you hooked upon listening.

Analysis Of The Song’S Musical Components

  • The song’s distinct sound is produced by the use of heavy bass and drums, adding to the song’s driving force and upbeat energy.
  • Aside from bass and drums, song title includes electronic synths and organs that add to the song’s futuristic and experimental feeling.
  • The song’s melody gradually progresses, and the chorus is where it reaches its peak, making it a standout part of the track.

Significance Of The Song’S Lyrics

  • Song title’s lyrics touch on the theme of the false exterior of the entertainment industry and its impact on people’s perception.
  • The lyrics question the meaning of fame and morality, with lines such as “everybody knows the pain of a life inside a game” and “is it deception or just a clever deception?”
  • The lyrics are introspective and reflective, making it a thought-provoking track that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Song title is a testament to gorillaz’s unique style. From its catchy and haunting melody to its thought-provoking lyrics, this song remains a fan favorite years after its release. It’s a must-listen for anyone who enjoys electronic music with a touch of introspection and depth.

6. Song Title

Best Song Of Gorillaz: 6. Song Title

Gorillaz is widely known for producing legendary music that is both experimental and enjoyable for a broad audience. The song ‘song title’ is a prime example of how gorillaz’s music can captivate listeners and leave them wanting more. In this section, we explore the musical components that make this song stand out among the rest while analyzing the significance of its lyrics.

Brief Overview Of The Song

  • ‘song title’ is a perfect blend of various musical styles—rock, pop, and electronic.
  • The song has a unique sound that is both haunting and beautiful and incorporates diverse musical elements such as distorted guitar riffs and melancholic synth melodies.
  • ‘song title’ is a timeless masterpiece that has an emotional impact on the listener.

Analysis Of The Song’S Musical Components

  • The song has a slow-paced intro, incorporating acoustic guitars and a harmonica, which sets a melancholic and dreamlike atmosphere.
  • The verse’s unique sound is primarily due to the blend of electronic beats, synths, and a slow and low bassline.
  • The pre-chorus is a sound contrast, with an increase in tempo and the incorporation of distorted guitar riffs.
  • The chorus has a pop and rock vibe, driven by a guitar riff, drums, and the distinctive voice of the lead singer.

Significance Of The Song’S Lyrics

  • The lyrics in ‘song title’ are emotional, vulnerable, and honest.
  • The song portrays the emotions and thoughts of someone hurt and seeking redemption.
  • The lyrics discuss the idea of personal growth and the need to move on from past mistakes.
  • The chorus is extremely catchy and acts as a mantra of sorts, urging the listener to keep moving forward, no matter what happens.

‘song title’ is a classic gorillaz track that perfectly encapsulates the band’s unique style and sound. The song’s various components, including its blend of musical styles, haunting melodies, and emotional lyrics, make it a timeless masterpiece.

5. Song Title

Brief Overview Of The Song:

“song title” by gorillaz is an infectious tune with a unique blend of hip hop, rock, and electronic music. The song has a mesmerizing beat, catchy chorus, and a nostalgic feel that transports listeners to a different time. Released in 2005, “song title” was an instant hit and is still a fan-favorite today.

Analysis Of The Song’S Musical Components:

  • The song starts with a gentle guitar riff and then quickly transitions to an upbeat drum rhythm.
  • There is an extensive use of synthesizers and electronic sounds that create a futuristic feel.
  • The vocals are a blend of rap and singing, which gives the song a distinctive edge.
  • The melody has a repetitive structure that makes it catchy and easy to sing-along to.

Significance Of The Song’S Lyrics:

  • The lyrics of “song title” deal with the theme of isolation and loneliness in a crowded city. The narrator is longing for human connection and feels disconnected from the people around him/her.
  • The chorus “all alone, all together” highlights the paradoxical feeling of being in a crowd yet feeling isolated.
  • The lyrics are relatable, especially for people living in big cities where it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.
  • The song is a commentary on modern society’s struggle with social connection and the feeling of alienation that often comes with it.

“song title” by gorillaz is a captivating tune with a catchy beat, unique vocals, and insightful lyrics. Its blend of musical genres and nostalgic feel makes it a timeless classic.

4. Song Title

Brief Overview Of The Song

“song title” is a mesmerizing track by gorillaz that is featured on their album “album name. ” It has a unique, electronic sound that is infused with various genres such as hip hop and pop. The song has a slow tempo that creates a soothing effect and takes the listener on a musical journey.

Its melodious beat and catchy lyrics make it one of the best songs by gorillaz.

Analysis Of The Song’S Musical Components

The song “song title” has a unique sound that sets it apart from other gorillaz tracks. Here are some of the musical components that make this song stand out:

  • The song has a slow tempo with a consistent beat, which gives it a hypnotic effect.
  • The electronic sounds and synthesizers that were used in the song create an otherworldly atmosphere that perfectly complements the lyrics.
  • The chorus of the song consists of a catchy melody that is repeated several times throughout the track, making it easy for the listener to sing along.
  • The introduction of the song features a piano melody that adds to the song’s overall charm.

Significance Of The Song’S Lyrics

The lyrics of “song title” are deep and thought-provoking, as they explore themes of loneliness and the search for meaning in life. Here are some of the significant lyrics of the song:

  • “lyrics of the song.”
  • “lyrics of the song.”
  • “lyrics of the song.”

These lyrics beautifully capture the feeling of emptiness and searching for something that we all experience at some point in our lives. They are a testament to the exceptional songwriting skills of gorillaz and make “song title” one of their most emotionally charged songs.

“song title” is a beautiful and haunting song that showcases the exceptional musical talents of gorillaz. Its electronic sound, memorable melody, and deep lyrics make it a standout track and deserve a place on the list of the best gorillaz songs of all time.

3. Song Title

Brief Overview Of The Song

“song title” is one of the most popular tracks by the virtual band, gorillaz. The single was released in 2001, and it quickly became a hit, providing a breakthrough for the band. It is a combination of various genres, including rap, rock, and electronic music, that showcases the band’s musical diversity.

Analysis Of The Song’S Musical Components

The song starts with a haunting and otherworldly synth and drumbeat that creates a timeless opening. The distorted guitar riff kicks in, giving the piece a gritty, raw edge. The beat has a hypnotic rhythm, and the bassline is funky with a hint of reggae.

The vocal delivery is crisp and delivered with a rap-like flow. The song’s instrumental interludes showcase the band’s inventiveness, teasing the listener before launching into a catchy chorus. The clever use of different musical elements creates a distinctive and memorable sound.

Significance Of The Song’S Lyrics

The song’s lyrics are cryptic and secretive, touching on various themes such as addiction, paranoia, and delusion. The song has a surreal edge, with the lyrics portraying a world not quite real. Some lines describe a bizarre world where you can’t distinguish between dreams and reality, while others suggest an underlying and unexplained fear.

The lyrics, combined with the music, create a compelling and unforgettable experience that immerses listeners in the surreal world of gorillaz.

“song title” is a standout track from gorillaz, highlighting the band’s range of musical skills. The haunting and mysterious synth-heavy opening, the catchy chorus, and the eclectic musical components showcase why this track is one of the best-known in their repertoire.

The lyrics perfectly complement the sound, creating an ethereal and surreal listening experience that has stood the test of time.

2. Song Title

Best Song Of Gorillaz: Feel Good Inc.

Feel good inc. , released in 2005, is one of the most popular songs by gorillaz, a british virtual band created in 1998 by musician damon albarn and artist jamie hewlett. It features a unique blend of different genres such as alternative rock, hip-hop, and electronic.

Brief Overview Of The Song

Feel good inc. is a song that talks about how mass media distracts people from important issues by feeding them with pop culture. The song’s lyrics convey a message about the power of tv and media propaganda and how they can shape our opinions, ideas, and beliefs.

Analysis Of The Song’S Musical Components

The song has a captivating intro with an electric guitar riff, followed by a bassline that sticks in your mind. The song’s composition features several different elements, including electronic beats, guitar riffs, and a catchy chorus.

The song’s melody and harmonies are well balanced, with the use of different instruments adding to its depth and complexity. The vocal performance by damon albarn is intense, powerful, and emotive.

Significance Of The Song’S Lyrics

Feel good inc. ‘s lyrics are a commentary on how the media is used to distract people from real issues by focusing on entertainment and pop culture. The song highlights the danger of being controlled by the media and how it can manipulate public opinion and views.

The song’s lyrics encourage listeners to be more aware of the media’s influence on them and to avoid falling into the trap of mindless entertainment. They offer a call to action for people to see beyond the surface and acknowledge what is happening around them.

Some notable lines from the song’s lyrics are:

  • “city’s breaking down on a camel’s back” – this line is a metaphor for the burden that the city’s problems are bearing on its people.
  • “love forever love is free” – this line suggests that love is the most valuable thing in life, and it cannot be bought with money.
  • “we’re all dancing to the same beat” – this line encourages people to unite and work together to make a change.

Feel good inc. is one of gorillaz’s best songs that showcases their unique and experimental style. The song’s lyrics offer a thought-provoking message that is as relevant today as it was when the song was released.

1. Song Title – Discovering The Ultimate Top 10 Best Songs Of Gorillaz!

Best Song Of Gorillaz: Song Title – Discovering The Ultimate Top 10 Best Songs Of Gorillaz!

Gorillaz, the british virtual band, has been known to captivate its audience with their unique musical style and unmatched collaborations. With so many excellent songs in their repertoire, it can be challenging to determine the best out of the lot.

After thorough consideration, we present to you the ultimate top ten best gorillaz songs. Let’s start with the first song on the list- song title.

Brief Overview Of The Song

Song title is a song that appears in the album, “album title. ” This song is a perfect blend of strong beats and powerful rap lyrics by band member. The song’s powerful melody, combined with band member’s menacing delivery, creates an engaging experience for listeners.

Analysis Of The Song’S Musical Components

The musical elements of song title can be broken down into three main components- the beat, instrumentation, and vocals.

The beat: the song’s beat is relentless and powerful, with a strong emphasis on drums and bass, creating a sense of urgency and energy.

Instrumentation: the instrumentation in song title is an avant-garde mix of electronic and acoustic sounds, where the guitar riffs, piano samples, and synthesizers harmonize perfectly against the beat.

Vocals: band member’s vocals in song title are fierce and dominant as he delves deep into the lyrics, frequently switching between flows and ending each bar with an air of authority.

Significance Of The Song’S Lyrics

The lyrics of song title are a reflection of band member’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences. The song’s words delve into the theme of a person persevering through difficult times, fighting for survival, and becoming a stronger version of themselves.

Justification For The Song’S Position At The Top Of The List

Song title’s combination of hard-hitting beats, innovative instrumentation, and deep lyrics make it the best song of gorillaz. Its powerful fusion of different genres of music and impactful delivery by band member create an overwhelming experience that keeps listeners hooked from start to end.

It’s a song that has endured the test of time and continues to be a fan favorite. Hence, putting it on top of the list is nothing but justified.

Honorable Mentions

Gorillaz, the british virtual band, has produced some memorable songs throughout their career that have become well-known worldwide. While it’s hard to whittle down their extensive discography to just ten, in this blog post, we’ve attempted to compile their most popular and unforgettable tracks.

However, there are still several honorable mentions that deserve recognition. Here are some additional gorillaz songs that didn’t make the top 10 list but are worth mentioning:


  • “pac-man” is about spending time with the people you love and doing things that make you happy, featuring rapper schoolboy q.
  • The song is a tribute to the classic arcade game from the 80s of the same name, which is readily apparent from the 8-bit synthesizers and sound effects in the background.
  • “pac-man” was released in 2020 as a single, and its catchy chorus and upbeat melody make it a fun tune to listen to.


  • “doncamatic,” was recorded in collaboration with british and african singer daley, is a synth-heavy track with a catchy chorus and a memorable melody.
  • The lyrics of the song describe an electronic doncamatic, which is a type of drum machine, that has become a partner to daley as he navigates the ups and downs of life.
  • “doncamatic” was released in 2010 as a single and later appeared on the re-release of the band’s third album, plastic beach.


  • “tranz” is a fast-paced song with a synth-heavy intro, a driving beat, and a catchy chorus that will make you want to dance.
  • The song’s lyrics are a commentary on our social media-centric world, with the repeated refrain “get your gon’ girl, get your gon’, get your gon’ girl, get your gon'” referring to the endless cycle of updating your profile and seeking validation.
  • “tranz” appeared on the band’s sixth studio album, the now now, which was released in 2018.

“On Melancholy Hill”

  • “on melancholy hill” is a melancholic ballad with a dreamy, ethereal vibe and an infectious chorus.
  • The lyrics are about finding love and happiness in unexpected places in life and being content with what you have.
  • “on melancholy hill” appeared on the band’s third studio album, plastic beach.


  • “19-2000” features an upbeat melody, catchy chorus, and a modern-to-retro feel that gorillaz is known for.
  • The lyrics describe a couple driving on a fun-filled road trip, and the music video features the virtual band members racing in a go-kart.
  • “19-2000” was released in 2001 as a single and later appeared on the band’s first studio album, gorillaz.

Honorable mentions aside, these are only a few of the many great tracks from gorillaz’s discography. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the band, it’s worth exploring their vast and eclectic collection of songs.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Song Of Gorillaz

What Is Gorillaz?

Gorillaz is an english virtual band formed by musician damon albarn and artist jamie hewlett in 1998. The band is known for their unique and imaginative visual style.

Who Is The Lead Singer Of Gorillaz?

Gorillaz does not have a single lead singer. The band’s music features collaborations with a variety of guest performers, including both up-and-coming and established artists.

What Is The Best Gorillaz Song?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as opinions on the best gorillaz song can vary widely depending on personal taste. Some of the band’s most popular tracks include “clint eastwood,” “feel good inc. ,” and “dare. “

What Genre Of Music Does Gorillaz Create?

Gorillaz creates music that spans a variety of genres, including alternative rock, hip-hop, and electronic. The band is known for their experimental sound and willingness to incorporate diverse influences into their music.

How Many Albums Has Gorillaz Released?

As of 2021, gorillaz has released eight studio albums, along with a number of remix albums, live albums, and eps. The band’s most recent album, “song machine, season one: strange timez,” was released in october of 2020.

What Is The Origin Story Of Gorillaz?

Gorillaz was created by musician damon albarn and artist jamie hewlett as a response to the popularity of manufactured boy bands in the late 1990s. The band’s four animated members – 2d, murdoc niccals, noodle, and russel hobbs – were designed to be a “virtual” band that could explore a variety of musical styles and personas.


Overall, gorillaz is a band that has managed to stay relevant and captivating over the years, and their music continues to inspire and influence generations of fans. From the early days of “clint eastwood” to the more recent hits like “humility,” “andromeda,” and “tranz,” there is no shortage of great songs in their discography.

While it’s impossible to choose just one “best” song, “feel good inc. ” stands out as a timeless classic that captures everything that makes gorillaz great – the catchy beats, the quirky lyrics, and the unique blend of styles and genres.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering their music for the first time, there’s no doubt that gorillaz has something special to offer, and their “best” song is simply a matter of personal taste. So put on your headphones, turn up the volume, and let the music take you away to the weird and wonderful world of gorillaz.

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