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Company Lyrics In English Translation – Emiway Bantai


Company Lyrics In English Translation - Emiway Bantai

Company Lyrics In English Translation – Emiway Bantai


What’s up company (gang)
We Earning lotta money  
They think they are wise 
But they are too funny 
Don’t act like a bit*h 
We are they street OG’s
We know people from 
37,70 till 17 (Hood Pincodes in Mumbai)

(Verse 1)

Stop popping pills  
What’s up dawg are you different
Or should i teach you how to be 
Go anywhere but don’t f**k around here 
You wanna live in this country peacefully right ?
Or should i get your passport visa done 
Be aware 
Everyone is in thoughts 
How should i reach till Emiway Bantai 
We were Light in the Dark 
We ate from our  own plate
Didn’t steal from others plate 

Where are you ? 
Look here 
All my boys are roaming around 
One look all it takes to scare yall 
What do you want just tell me homie ? 

If your respect is important to you then 
Make sure you respect others too 
Or else will curse  you soo much that 
You will live your whole 
Life in fear 

Represting India 
One fight down 
Two fight straight to the grave 

(Verse 2)

(Mumbai slangs)
Its not lakhs its crore we talk 
Love is betrayal 
Soo make sure you 
Put you heart in right place 
You got one more chance 

If you fight  for yourself then world will say are wrong 
Either your sleep will be fulfilled or your dreams 

I’m speaking facts 
Who is supporting poor people 
There are no less rents anymore 
Weak people don’t have guts to change 
Their life 
We made it on our own 
That’s why we live life without worrying 

(Verse 3)

They are soft from inside 
But they act like tough outside 
Everyone is an artist 
No one is less than a criminal 
On the streets 
We changed to a good human 
Now we cruising with our parents 
We not scared of any tools or weapons 
We are only scared of god 

Leave this worldliness and go and hustle 
We are good human now but if it comes on us 
Then you better understand what will come to you 
My hood kid are more smarter than you 
Mom told work hard don’t choose wrong path 

If you don’t understand then just leave it 
Labels asking me for songs 
I gave them and took lot’s of money 
Now we gonna kill it with labels soon 

Knock knock on my doors 
Money coming faster 
Keep trying homie 
Don’t give up 
If you hustle today 
Tomorrow will be fun 
You will be successful 
Just keep going 


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