Tamil Songs Mainaru Vetti Katti Lyrics Meaning In English – Dasara

Mainaru Vetti Katti Lyrics Meaning In English – Dasara

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 Mainaru Vetti Katti Lyrics Meaning In English from Dasara sung by Anirudh Ravichander & Dhee is the latest Tamil song music also given by Santhosh Narayanan. The brand new song Mainaru Vetti Katti lyrics are written by MUTHAMIL. The music video featured Nani & Keerthy Suresh and it was released by Saregama Tamil.

Mainaru Vetti Katti Lyrics Meaning In English – Dasara
Song: Mainaru Vetti Katti
Movie: Dasara
Singer(s); Anirudh Ravichander & Dhee
Musician(s): Santhosh Narayanan
Written by: MUTHAMIL
Cast: Nani & Keerthy Suresh
Label(©): Saregama Tamil

Mainaru Vetti Katti Lyrics Meaning In English – Dasara

Verse 1:
Mainaru Vetti Katti, Machini
Manasula Amba, Machini
Kannadi Mattikitu Ennapaathu
Nachunnu Kannadichan

Sitting idle all day, my dear
Lost in thoughts, my dear
Staring at the mirror, what to do
I’m just lost in thought

Verse 2:
Thaiyalum Pinju Ippo Machini
Tharayila Kundhikittan Machini
Kailiya Kattikittu Moolayila
Kattilil Sanjikiraan

Now I’m sleeping in the day, my dear
Hanging around in the terrace, my dear
I’m just lying around, feeling lazy
Lying on the bed, doing nothing

Eyy Kalyana Pudhusula Vaasandhaan Poosuven
Un Selai Sikkula Madiyila Naan Madinjutten
Muthamum Thandhen Poova Koduthen
Sakkara Polathan Pesi Sirippa

Hey, I’ll come to your wedding ceremony
I got stuck in your saree’s pleats
I gave you a kiss and a flower
And spoke sweetly like sugar

Verse 3:
Koosama Neeyum Kora Pesippona
Kudigaaran Aanene

Kudigaran Agipoyee Macchini
Kuzhithondi Thalliputtan MAchini
Aasaya Pesamathaan Ennayum Machini
Akkaarayila Vittuputtane

When you talk to me softly like this
I become a man of few words

I became like a lazy fellow, my dear
Lying down and dozing off, my dear
You make me desire things, my dear
And leave me hanging, all alone

Verse 4:
Mainaru VEtti KAtti
Manasula Amba Vittan

VEedu Moolaikum Mukkukkum Odithan Pudichu
Valanja Iduppa Killi Vappan
Ippa Sivi Singarichi Azhaga Naan Ninnalum
Edhachum Saakkudhaan Solraan

Father, I’m sitting idle all day
Lost in thoughts, my dear
I wandered around the house and the front yard
And picked up the fallen leaves
Now even if I become a great singer like Sivi
I’ll just say something like this

Verse 5:
Ketta Kovathai Vachukittu Kandapadi Kaththi Neeyum
Aludhu Nikka Aarudhalum Thandhen
Namma Serthudhan Vacha Pera Chinna Chinna Vamba Solli
Kuppai Pola Neeyum Thooki Potta

When I told you something bad and you got angry
I gave you a hug and apologized
I said some sweet words to make you smile
And threw you away like garbage

Verse 6:
Ey Kaatupoochidhaan Unna Kalangadikkudha
Partha Azhagu Ellam Vaethu Vadinju Pocha
Vitta Muchandhi Ninnu Muttala Enna Aakura

Hey, I chased you like a cat chasing a butterfly
And lost everything beautiful that I saw
What can I do now, sitting alone and crying?

Mainaru Vetti Katti, Machini
Manasula Amba, Machini
Kannadi Mattikitu Ennapaathu
Nachunnu Kannadichan

Wearing torn clothes, Machini
Has taken over my mind, Machini
What’s reflected in the mirror
Is making me laugh

Sondhama Budhdhi Illa Machane
Solradhum Keppadhilla Machane
Pakkathu Veetil Ellam Paththa Vachi
Mothama Senjuputta

I don’t have common sense, Machani
Can’t keep quiet either, Machani
I keep creating problems
In all the houses nearby

Vazhkaya KEduthutennu Machane
Vandhadhum Aludhuduva MAchane
Edhachum Pesappona Unn Thangachu
Ettithan Odippova

Saying that life is difficult, Machani
Even if someone comes to help, Machani
I end up fighting with them for some reason
And run away

Ravinga Enna Pagalinga Enna
Kannulle vachchedhaan KAppane Unna
Endha Sogamum Un Pakkam Vandha
Edhire Ninnu Modhi Vetri Kolvan

What’s the use of crying or laughing
When you’re the reason for it, Machani
When any sadness comes near me
I face it and come out victorious

Thunbangal Edhum Vandha Avane
Nenjukkul Poottikkuvaan
Nee Vaikkum Pottukulle Avanum
Vazhkaya Vazhndhukkuvan

When troubles come, he’ll stay strong
And brace himself in his heart
He’ll face whatever life throws at him
And keep living.

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