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Neha Gupta Web Series List 2023

Neha Gupta is India’s notorious web series actress. Neha has come notorious because of her web series “ I love you, ” which was released on the ullu app. Neha Gupta has done utmost of her work with the ullu and primeplay apps. Below is the complete list of Neha Gupta’s web series.

1. Charmsukh Majboori( Ullu App)

Majboori Charmsukh ullu web series

This is the story of a single mama named Sayama. Sayama has a 19- time-old son named Zara. One day Sayama has a relationship with a man named Rehman. Rehman’s woman
passed down long agone
, after which Rehman remains single.

Rehman goes to meet Sayama at her house, where he sees Zara. Rehman starts liking Zara. Rehman marries Samaya for Zara. After marriage Sayama and Zara start living in Rehman’s house.

Rehman considers Zara veritably innocent, and he gives precious gifts to impress her. Is Zara an innocent girl? To know, watch charmsukh majboori only on the ullu app. Neha Gupta has played the part of Zara in this web series.

2. Pehredaar Web Series( Primeplay App)

Pehredaar primeplay web series watch online 2022

pehredaar is the story of a vill where a unique custom is followed. Any girl who gets married in this vill also marries her father- in- law so that she can fulfill the sexual requirements of her father- in- law.

Shayna Khatri, Jaishree Gaikwad, and Deepak Dutt Sharma have worked with Neha Gupta in the Pehredaar web series.

3. I Love You Web Series( Ullu App)

I Love You Ullu Web Series cast

This is the story of Aakash and his stylish friend, Suraj. Suraj makes Aakash crush Natasha, his gal, due to which Aakash’s heart breaks.

One day Aakash goes to his friend Suraj’s house, where he meets Suraj’s family Prabha. Aakash and Prabha start liking each other and fulfilling each other’s sexual requirements. Aakash’s life suddenly turns, and Suraj’s mama , Sulekha, also starts liking Akash. Watch the I love you web series to know what will be next. Neha Gupta has played the part of Prabha in this web series.

4. ATM Bhabhi Web Series( Voovi App)

Atm Bhabhi web series cast

This story is about the lockdown time when no bone
could get out of the house. A girl in a vill goes to the townies ’ houses and gives them plutocrat from a movable ATM.

The townies start calling that girl atm Bhabhi. Watch the web series atm Bhabhi of the Voovi app to know the complete story. notorious web series actress Aliya naaz has also appeared in this web series along with Neha Gupta.

5. Charmsukh Tapan Web Series( Ullu App)

Charmsukh Tapan Part 2 ullu web series cast

This story is about a girl named Riya. Riya’s wedded family Rashmi comes to her motherly home with her hubby, Vaibhav. Riya starts liking her family- in- law after seeing him. When Riya tells her passions to Vaibhav, she comes to know that Vaibhav likes her friend Payal.

Riya is shattered to hear this, but also Riya makes a plan. She tells Vaibhav that I’ll make Payal fulfill your lust, but I also have to fulfill my desire with you in return.

Will Vaibhav be angry about this? Watch the Tapan ullu web series to know. Neha has played the part of Payal in this web series. piecemeal from Neha, Noor Malabika and Kajal jha have also worked in this web series.

6. Dil Do Web Series( Ullu App)

DIL Do ullu web series watch online 2022

This is the story of a girl named Chameli who gets recently married. A many days after the marriage, an accident happens with Chameli’s hubby, after which he becomes paralyzed.

Chameli now has the responsibility of running the house. Chameli confides her problems to her neighbor Suzanne. Suzanne gets Chameli employed at an adult toy company. To know what will be next, watch the Dil Do web series. Neha Gupta, Taniya Chatterjee, and Priya gamre have worked in this web series.

7. Foreigner Web Series( Primeplay App)

Foreigner web series cast
This is the story of a recently married couple who shift to a new megacity after marriage. The hubby stays in an office all day because which woman
gets wearied alone at home.

One day the girl receives a communication from a foreigner. The girl and the foreigner start meeting and fulfilling each other’s lust. To know what will be next, watch the Primeplay web series foreigner.

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