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P.O.V (Point Of View) Lyrics In English Translation – Karan Aujla


 P.O.V (Point Of View) Lyrics In English Translation: is the latest Punjabi song sung by Karan Aujla with music is given by Yeah Proof while POV (Point Of View) song lyrics are written by Karan Aujla. The music video was released by Karan Aujla YT channel.

P.O.V (Point Of View) Lyrics In English Translation – Karan Aujla
Song: P.O.V (Point Of View)
Singer(s): Karan Aujla
Musician(s): Yeah Proof
Lyricist(s): Karan Aujla
Label(©): Karan Aujla

P.O.V (Point Of View) Lyrics In English Translation – Karan Aujla

Chajj Naal Sochdi Ni Judge Kardi
Duniya Taan Rabb Nu Vi Judge Kardi
Bhukhi Badnaam Rajj Rajj Kardi
Veere Duniya Taan Rabb Nu Vi Judge Kardi

She thinks with arrogance and judges,
the world also judges God.
Hungry, she defames and scoffs,
Brother, the world judges God as well.

Yeah Proof!

Kise Kol Jawaab Ni Har Ek Kol Sawaal Aa
Duniya Kamaal Aa Kamaal Aa Kamaal Aa
Jehdeyan De Karke Ni Sadda Eh Haal Aa
Oh Halle Takk Aankhi Jaande
Aappan Tere Naal Aa

Nobody has answers, everyone has questions.
The world is amazing, amazing, amazing.
The situation is such that because of these people,
we can’t even look at each other.
We are with you.

Duniyan De Chubhda Rakaane Deeva Jagda
Ikko Mere Dil Ch Rava Hi Ni Sakda
Kitta Gall Manni Ajj Kal Lok Tez Ne
Ni Ainne Vi Ni Bhole Saanu
Pata Hi Nai Lagda

The world is full of thorns, the light burns.
My heart can’t settle for one thing.
These days, people are quick to speak.
They are not even innocent.
I can’t even tell.

Dimaag Nu Laga Leyo
Dimaag Ghatt Lad’da
Pata Hunde Hoye Dasson
Teer Kehda Phad’da

Focus your mind,
the mind is getting weaker.
Tell me while you still can,
which arrow pierces us.

Kitte Jaiye Mar Gaye Na Jaiye
Taan Vi Na Mareya
Hunn Dasson Marne Nu
Kihda Dil Karda

Whether you go by yourself or die,
I haven’t died yet.
Now tell me who wants to die.

Pichhe Too Aa Khoo Da Te Muhre Too Aa Agg Da
Oh Ni Koyi Dekhda Ankhan Chon Paani Wagda
Jinna De Kasoor Ne Haaye Oh Taan Badi Door Ne
Te Naam Pichhon Tere Mere Varge Da Lagda

You’re a well of darkness behind, and a fire in front.
Nobody looks, tears flow from the eyes.
Those who are at fault, they are far away.
And our names are just like yours.

Kise Baare Bolna Ae Gallan Nahion Changiyan
Safaiyan Taiyon Dittiyan Safaiyan Tussi Mangiyan
Dasson Pher Saanu Kehda Puchhne Nu Aa Gaya
Oh Panj Vaari Sadde Vi Gharan De Vicho Langiyan

It’s not good to talk about others.
You ask for clarity, yet you are the one who gave us clarity.
Tell me who came to ask questions.
We also got lost five times from our own homes.

Bach Ke Ni Bach Ke Haye Aggo Kuhni Mod Ae
Media Te Sadd’ke Story Dinde Jod Ae
Kihnu Jaake Dassan Assi Kithon Kithon Lange Aa
Ni Kehni Gall Hor Ae Ni Bann Jaani Hor Ae
Be careful, don’t turn a blind eye to the twists and turns of the fire
The media connects stories wherever they can
Who can we tell where we’ve been roaming
There is more to say than what meets the eye
Soch Saali Dhageyan Ton Zyada Hi Bareek Ae
Meri Vi Taan Ghare Parivaar Nu Udeek Ae
Behan Rehndi Puchhdi Ki Veereya Ki Ho Gaya
Oye Aahi Raaha Aankhda Ki Saara Kujh Thik Ae
This damn society is more tangled than a web
I too wait for my family at home
My sister keeps asking what happened to her brother
This path that we’re on, everything will be okay in the end
Chajj Naal Sochdi Ni Judge Kardi
Duniya Taan Rabb Nu Vi Judge Kardi
Bhukhi Badnaam Rajj Rajj Kardi
Veere Duniya Taan Rabb Nu Vi Judge Kardi
She doesn’t think twice before passing judgement
The world judges even God
Hunger makes one infamous and restless
Brother, the world judges even God
Aiddan Kithe Lukkan Chalakiyan Lukaiyan
Kole Temporary Hide Kar Diyan Daaiyan
Khabran Te Chhapde Na Tolde Na Naapde
Ni Dass Pher Aithe Mukk Gaiyan Ne Seyahiyan
Where do they hide and play tricks
They temporarily hide close by
They don’t measure or count their words
Tell them that they have been exposed
Assi Aa Khalote Jaan Wale Saare Lang Gaye
Mauke Di Aa Gall Mauke Mile Aa Te Bhand Gaye
Fikkar Na Kar Biba Unglan Te Yaad Ni
Jehde Sadde Maade Time Vich Mitha Bhand Gaye
We all came with high spirits and left dejected
We missed our opportunity and got drunk instead
Don’t worry, my friend, we won’t forget
Those who sweet-talked us in our good times
Kitte Din Chadhda Te Kithe Hundi Shaam Ae
Zubaan Utte Maan Ae Ni Ohnu Hi Salaam Ae
Gareeb Kol Paise Di Te Sacche Kol Saboot Di
Ghaat Aithe Mudd Ton Hi Hundi Gall Aam Ae
Days go by and evenings come
We honor those who have a way with words
The poor have evidence, and the rich have money
The talk is always about those who lost the game
Mel Da Ki Khand De Sahare Aa Ugli
Hansmukh Bande Aa Subaah Sadda Shugli
Galbaat Rabb De Je Reh Gayi Ae Suna
Shera Mitran De Kol Khadke Na Kari Chugli
Does it matter if the music is on or off?
Cheerful people are always having a good time
If it’s true, then it’s a matter of God
Friends don’t gossip or talk bad behind each other’s back
Gaane Chhote Lagde Likhan Laggan Duniya
Museebatan Taan Baniyan Museebatan Ni Chuniyan
Umar Je Ho Gayi Pher Poteyan Nu Dasseyo Ke
Kotiyan Ni Aundiyan Schem’an Bas Buniyan
A tune seems small, but the world writes about it
Trials are inevitable, but not all trials are chosen
When you get old, tell the youth
That schemes don’t come by the millions
Nasha Thodde Andar Koyi Load Hai Ni Peen Di
Pith Kade Lagdi Ni Naam De Shaukeen Di
Ohnu Thodde Andron Awaaz Sayad Aa Jave
Haaye Kalle Behke Suno Katha Sant Maskeen Di
There’s a load inside you that keeps you from getting drunk
Your back never hurts, you’re just a name-lover
Maybe his voice will resonate within you
Oh, listen closely, intoxicated by the story of a saint

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