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Rock On: Discovering the Best Song by The Who

“the best song by the who is undoubtedly ‘baba o’riley’.” The who, a british rock band from the 1960s, have created some of the most iconic songs of the genre.

Their unique blend of rock and roll, pop, and classical music has given them a style that is hard to replicate. However, their most famous song, ‘baba o’riley,’ is the epitome of the who’s style. It was released as part of their 1971 album ‘who’s next’ and has since become a staple of classic rock.

The song’s opening synthesizer riff, combined with pete townshend’s powerful guitar chords, sets the tone for a song that is both energetic and contemplative. Lyrically, the song is an ode to youth and rebellion, capturing the zeitgeist of a generation.

Rock On: Discovering the Best Song by The Who


Frequently Asked Questions On Best Song By The Who

What Is The Most Popular Song By The Who?

“baba o’riley” from the album “who’s next” is widely considered as one of the most popular songs by the who. It features the iconic keyboard riff and memorable lyrics that have made it a fan favorite.

What Is The Best-Selling Song By The Who?

“i can see for miles,” released in 1967, is the best-selling single by the who. It peaked at number 10 on the uk singles chart and number 9 on the us billboard hot 100 chart.

Which Song By The Who Has The Most Iconic Intro?

“won’t get fooled again” from the album “who’s next” has one of the most iconic intros in rock music. The opening synth and guitar riff and the powerful scream of roger daltrey have made it a recognizable and memorable song.

What Are The Top Underrated Songs By The Who?

“love ain’t for keeping” from the album “who’s next” is an underrated gem that showcases the band’s lighter, acoustic side. “tattoo” from the album “the who sell out” is another underrated song with catchy hooks and a memorable chorus.

Which Song By The Who Has The Best Guitar Solo?

The song “young man blues” from the album “live at leeds” features one of the best guitar solos by pete townshend. The live version is especially worth listening to for the extended improvisation and energy.


After analyzing the top picks for the best song by the who, we can determine that it ultimately comes down to personal preference. From the classic anthems of “my generation” to the heartfelt ballad of “behind blue eyes,” the who’s catalogue is filled with memorable hits that have stood the test of time.

Each song possesses its own unique qualities, showcasing the band’s exceptional musicianship and compelling storytelling. It’s clear that the who’s music continues to resonate with fans to this day. Their influence can be heard in modern artists, showcasing just how timeless their sound truly is.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan or new to the who’s music, there’s something for everyone to appreciate. So turn up the volume and enjoy a trip down memory lane with some of the greatest hits from one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

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