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Tere Ishq Mein Nachenge Lyrics In English Translation


Tere Ishq Mein Nachenge Lyrics In English Translation

Tere Ishq Mein Nachenge Lyrics In English Translation

uuf kya raat aayi hai, muhabbat rang laayi hai
ham jashan manaaenge, saagar chhalkaayenge
na hosh mein aayenge
tere ishq mein naachenge
jhuumenge gaayenge, ham dhol bajaaenge
tere ishq mein naachenge
tu ne tadapaaya hai, tujhko tadapaayenge, tujhko tadapaayenge
tere ishq mein naachenge

Oh, what a night has arrived! Love has brought it color…
We will celebrate, we will make our wine cups overflow,
we will not keep our wits about us!
We will dance around in your love.
We’ll stagger, we’ll sing, we’ll play the drums;
we’ll dance around in your love!
You have tormented me, so I will torment you, I will torment you!
I’ll dance around in your love!

gaalon ki laali hai tere liye
hothon ki pyaali hai tere liye
dil chahiye, dilruba chahiye
itna bataa tujhko kya chahiye
ye hasne ki jaagirein ham tujhpe lutayenge
tujhe dil mein basaayenge, tere ishq mein naachenge

The redness of his cheeks is for you,
his lips’ thirst is for you.
Do you want a heart, or do you want a pretty lover?
Tell us that much: what is it that you want?
We will squander these envied estates upon you;
we will take you into our hearts, we will dance around in your love!

teri tijothi ka sona nahin, dil hai hamaara khilauna nahin
kaise kharidoge tum pyaar mein
bikte nahin dil ye baazaar mein
vo chiz nahin hain ham jo yuun bik jaaenge
ham to takaraayenge

I’m not your golden loot, my heart is not a toy!
How are you going to buy love?
Hearts aren’t sold in the marketplace!
I’m not something that can be sold!
I’ll have this out with you.

ai kahaan se aayaa hai tuu?
ham ko lagta paraaya hai tu
apnon ki mahafil begaane ham
sab ki asaliyat ko pahachaanne hum
pathar ki muurat se TakDa gaye
achchha hua hosh mein aa gaye
auqaat kisi ki kya ham sab ko bataayenge ab na sharmaayenge

Hey, where did you come from?
You seem like a stranger to me.
Amidst my own family, I am an outsider.
I see the whole truth now.
I collided with a statue of stone –
a good thing that I regained my senses!
I’ll tell everyone what’s really going on here; I won’t be ashamed to do it!

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